Alli Webb Net Worth: How Much Earns The Founder of Drybar?

Alli Webb is a famous American TV personality, novelist, and businesswoman. She started in the entertainment industry as a hairstylist while also dabbling in other fields. How much does she earn from her business life? Here we discuss all information about Alli Webb’s Net Worth, early life, and so on. You can check it out. Just move down.

Early Life

Alli Webb entered the world in Miami, Florida, on March 20, 1975. Her alma mater was one of the top schools in Boca Raton, Florida, where she graduated. Webb then attended Florida State University for a year before transferring to New York University to be closer to her brother, Michael Landau.

Landau was an employee at Nicole Miller’s corporate headquarters and was responsible for finding employment for herself and Webb. The siblings eventually settled back in Southern Florida, where they opened more Nicole Miller boutiques. However, as is typical between siblings, they disagreed on the best administering the stores, leading to the breakdown of their business partnership.

Then Webb went to cosmetology school, did hair for fashion shows, and worked at salons. When her future husband Cameron was offered a position at an advertising firm in Los Angeles, the couple uprooted their lives and marriage. Webb took care of her children for five years as a stay-at-home mom.

Then, she got the entrepreneurial itch and launched Straight-At-Home, a mobile blowout business. Webb had an epiphany when she realized that her mobile business was so successful that she needed a physical location. In response, Webb and her then-husband and Webb’s brother Michael launched the first Drybar salon in Brentwood, California, in 2010.

Drybar has expanded to about 150 sites across the United States and employs thousands of people. With her brother Michael, Webb started a mobile massage business called Squeeze in 2019.

Alli Webb on Shark Tank

Alli Webb had been a shark tank investor. In the March 2019 episode 1016 of “Shark Tank,” Alli Webb appeared as a guest shark and offered to one of the entrepreneurs.


Miller wanted to expand his business to new locations, so Alli and her brother relocated back to their home state of Florida. Webb decided to leave their partnership after some time of working side by side.

After that, she continued her education at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She received her hairstyling training at the time from the prestigious British salon chain Toni & Guy. She also had the opportunity to learn from and assist legendary hairstylist John Sahag during this time.

Soon after, in 2010, she, her ex-husband Cameron Webb, and her brother Michael Landau opened a chain of hair salons called Drybar. Three years later, she expanded the offerings at her hair salons by releasing a range of styling tools and products. In 2019, she already owned over 125 salons around the country.

The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All, written by Alli, was published in 2016. As a result of the book’s success, she was labeled a “New York Times bestseller.” Alli maintained a close relationship with her sibling Michael Landau, and the two released a podcast titled “Raising the Bar” in July 2018.

The pair collaborated on a massage app called Squeeze, released in 2019. Webb has also appeared on the ABC reality series “Shark Tank.” She made her reality TV debut in 2019 as a unique guest shark.

Alli Webb Business Life

Since a young age, Alli Webb has been preoccupied with the problem of how to straighten her naturally curly hair. She always had her mum do her hair when she wanted a blowout. Alli Webb thinks that the desire to straighten her naturally curly hair as a child was the germ of an idea that would grow into a successful business.

After graduating from Olympic Heights Community High School, Alli Webb was utterly bewildered and unsure about her next steps. Florida State University was the college she attended for a single year before she left out due to a lack of motivation.

Michael Landau, the brother of Alli Webb, is also the company’s co-founder. Drybar now has Michael Landau serving as its executive chairman. Growing up, Alli Webb heard from her parents that Michael was the overachiever and she was the underachiever.

Both of Alli Webb’s parents were entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Therefore the sector was always present in her upbringing. To my surprise, none of her parents attended university. To some extent, I think that motivated Alli Webb to leave college. Alli Webb and her brother both found employment at New York’s high-end fashion label, Nicole Miller.

The two siblings then returned to their native Florida, where they each launched their own Nicole Miller boutique before ultimately deciding to discontinue their business collaboration. Then Alli Webb went to The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, a beauty school, and from the first day she enrolled, she knew that was the place she was destined to be.

There, Alli Webb studied under many renowned stylists and gained extensive experience in the field. Alli Webb’s curly hair and background in cosmetology were the inspiration for her successful blowout business.

Alli Webb saw a need in the market for low-cost blowouts, whereas before, consumers may have had difficulty finding one. She was already eager to launch a hairstyling business, but this opportunity fueled her enthusiasm.

Alli Webb, her brother, and her ex-husband Cameron Webb launched The Drybar, a chain of hair salons that has expanded to over 130 sites across the United States and employs over 4000 people in the beauty industry. The original Drybar salon was founded in the Golden State.

About 60% of Drybar’s locations are held by franchisees, while the firm owns the remaining franchises. Alli Webb did not create Drybar for financial gain; for several years, she did not even pay herself a salary.

Alli Webb Business Life
Alli Webb Business Life

The Drybar company skyrocketed to success because it filled a niche that no other company was serving. One of the critical reasons it attracted so many ladies and became so successful quickly is the rapid change in your hair.

What Is Alli Webb’s Net Worth In 2022?

According to the available data, Alli Webb has a net worth of around $100 million. This is, of course, an estimate based on the range of values found in the public domain that we think is most likely to fall inside.

Webb was invited to be a guest shark on the 10th season of the Emmy-winning ABC show Shark Tank in 2019 due to her solid financial ability.

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