Alex Jones Net Worth: How Did He Build His Property?

He is well-known as a radio personality, but also has a reputation for being a conspiracy theorist. He has been called a political radical on the far right, a reputation he uses to his advantage. Alex hosts a nationally syndicated radio show called The Alex Jones Show.

Early Life

Jones was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 11, 1974, and grew up in the nearby suburb of Rockwell. After his parents moved, he spent his formative years in Austin. Both of his parents work outside the home; his dad is a dentist and mom stays at home. In 1993, he completed his high school education at Austin’s Anderson High. After a while, he stopped going to Austin Community College.

Radio Career

After getting his start in Austin’s broadcasting industry on a live call-in public access TV program, he made the transition to radio in 1996, where he hosted “The Final Edition” on KJFK. While running for Congress, Ron Paul was a regular guest on his show. In 1999, Austin Chronicle readers awarded him and Shannon Burke a tie for “Best Austin Talk Show Host.”

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Later that year, KJFK let him go because he wouldn’t change the focus of his show and because his opinions hurt advertising revenue. The following week, Jones began webcasting his show live from his house. Jones ran for the Republican nomination in 2000 for Texas House District 48.

He first stated that he was running so that he could “be a watchdog from the inside,” but he eventually dropped out of the contest. Around 100 radio stations carried Jones’s syndication in 2001. When the 9/11 attacks occurred, Jones began spreading the belief that the Bush administration was behind them and that it was an inside job.

Many networks stopped airing his interviews once he became the public face of 9/11 “truther” movement. The Genesis Communications Network has syndicated “The Alex Jones Show” to over a hundred American AM and FM radio stations. In 2010, it was regularly heard by about 2 million people.

Personal Life

Alex’s marriage to Kelly Jones lasted from 2007 until their divorce in 2015. They’ve rounded out their family with three kids. Kelly Jones filed for sole custody of their children in 2017, citing her ex-erratic husband’s conduct as the reason why she no longer wanted to live with him.

His lawyer attempted to explain away his client’s actions by comparing him to a “performance artist” who is “playing a character.” Jones has consistently refuted claims that he played any part in the creation of his show’s characters. Kelly now has primary custody, with visiting privileges for Jones.

Jones was arrested in Texas in March of 2020 on suspicion of DWI. The Austin, Texas Travis County jail verified that he was booked for driving while intoxicated, a class B misdemeanor. Four hours after being booked, he was freed on a “personal recognizance bond.”

Real Estate

Alex’s home is a mansion inside of an Austin, Texas gated neighborhood. You can expect to pay between $2 and $2.5 million for the house.

Alex Jones net worth

We estimate that Alex Jones has a net worth of $5 million. Alex began working for an Austin-based cable access program. Here, he developed and perfected his own method of public address. When the show ended in 1996, he moved on to present The Final Edition on FM radio.

Alex Jones Net Worth And Real Estate
Alex Jones Net Worth And Real Estate

The program gave him a platform to discuss his views, including his belief that the United States government was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. He attracted a sizable following and received a deluge of positive fan mail that helped to shape his thoughts.

America: Destroyed by Design was the title of the film he released in 1998. Local director Richard Linklate cast him in two cartoons after its 1998 premiere. His radio program was getting more and more listeners, and in 1999, readers of The Austin Chronicle voted him the program’s Best Austin Talk Radio Host.

The station had to fire him despite his popularity since his controversial opinions made it difficult to secure advertising. The next year, he made the investment on an ISDN line and began airing shows from his house. In 1999, he launched InfoWars on the Genesis Communications Network and beamed across the country.

In addition to his radio shows, he has developed two websites that discuss the same topics. By 2001, his show had become widely syndicated across the country. Due to the tragic events of September 11, just 30% of the syndicated stations continued to air his show.

Alex made millions after releasing a series of supplements and consumer products into the market in 2006. In the year following, he released a movie called “Loose Change,” which Charlie Sheen enthusiastically endorsed.

Alex Jones was creating a media empire in 2018, capitalizing on the discord around President Trump to gain a large following and a powerful voice in the public sphere, until he was removed from all of his platforms by YouTube, Facebook, and Apple in a coordinated effort.

CNN dubbed him “The King of Conspiracy,” while Rolling Stone called him “the most paranoid man in America.” The opposition, critics, and prohibitions from Big Tech have not slowed him down one bit.

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