Agent 00 Net Worth: How Much Does He Make On YouTube?

What is Agent 00 Net Worth in 2022? Agent 00 has become a viral video phenomenon thanks to the internet. On Agent 00’s channel, The Videogamer ranked highly among NBA 2K game sources.

His audience has grown to more than 1.67 million people. He began uploading GTA V gameplay footage to his channel, CallMeAgent00, in March of 2013 after launching it in January.

Early Life

Canadian birth registrations for “Agent 00” were made on April 23, 1996. He uploads videos to the video-sharing website from his native Canada. Din Muktar is the identity of Agent 00. As for his relatives, he didn’t reveal enough.

In any case, we’re hard at work revising details about his parents, siblings, spouse, and kids. Individually known by his long-standing YouTube handle, the creator constructs his videos from the ground up. A catchy headline is a prerequisite for him to start making anything.

He sketched up his concept next. A recording of him playing the game he adores the most typically follows, lasting anywhere from an hour to several NBA 2k14. Agent 00 is on the hunt for the next great video clip. You would not be inaccurate to assume that Agent 0 approaches situations with an editor’s eye.

His YouTube beginnings can be traced back to the time he spent creating highlight reels for friends who were also professional gamers; since then, he has expanded his editing chops into a full-fledged career that sees him releasing at least two videos per week, and often more. Agent 00 uses an editorial tone, but he also approaches the material as a dedicated reader.

As a professional on YouTube, he benefited much by becoming an integral part of the NBA 2K community there. Agent 00 has spent years honing his craft on YouTube, and now he is recognized as a top loyal creator for NBA 2k. He hopes that others will be inspired by his success and realize that they, too, can achieve their goals.


Secret Agent 00 entered the world of social media by way of YouTube. The “CallMeAgent00” channel was premiered by him on January 20, 2013. One of Din’s primary interests throughout his youth was gaming. His favorite sport is basketball, so he frequently played NBA 2K games.

After launching the channel, it took him three months to finally upload the first video. Despite his channel’s consistency, it grew at a snail’s pace in its early years. Originally known as Muktar’s Channel, Muktar rebranded it as Agent 00 in 2014. His goal was to have 15,000 subscribers after two years of uploading videos.

He anticipated rapid expansion in the future despite the current slowness. His fortunes changed in 2016 when Agent had massive growth and finished the year with over 175k members. His movies quickly became viral, with millions of people watching them.

It was “NBA 2K17 – MOST DIFFICULT SHOOTING FORM CHALLENGE IN NBA 2K17″ that became one of his first videos to receive a million views. In the early half of 2019, he finally reached one million subscribers. He just rebranded his channel, which was formerly known as “Agent 00 Gaming” and now boasts 1.78 million viewers.

As previously reported, he rebranded his primary channel as “Agent 00” after launching an in-real-life channel with the same name on March 22, 2020. There, he uploads videos that aren’t related to video games and are more in the vein of a vlog.

At present, there are over 43 million views and 596k subscribers on the channel. Din, like all the other gaming influencers, has a Twitch channel and frequently streams on it. He streams himself playing video games like NBA 2K, Fall Guys, etc., and chatting with viewers in real-time using the service Just Chatting.

He stopped streaming in January 2018 but will be back in September 2021. Currently, he has 212k followers and 5,000 (average) concurrent visitors. They were checking out “Agent 00 Exclusive,” his third channel on YouTube. This channel appears to be Muktar’s place for sharing the best moments from his Twitch broadcasts.

The highlights of his several hours of streaming are compiled into an eight-minute video. In a little over a year, the channel went from zero to over 119,000 subscribers. He and his NBA YouTuber friend, LegendofWinning, go by the name Playback on their channel.

The pair posts recordings of their reactions to viral videos online. And that’s not all: they have a podcast called Peer to Peer Podcast. The audio-video podcast has hosted numerous influential people, including JiDion, Kanel Joseph, and many others. Over 235 episodes of the weekly have been made available, and it has over 214k subscribers on YouTube.

What is Agent 00 Net Worth in 2022
What is Agent 00 Net Worth in 2022

Agent 00 Dating Personal Life

Secret agent 00 does not provide anything about his romantic or personal life. We will be adding more information about the link as time goes on, so be sure to check back. As for Agent 00’s romantic life, he’d rather not discuss it. In addition, dating is used to characterize a period of time during which a person is actively seeking romantic interactions.

What if two famous people who are not married were spotted together in public? When two people are repeatedly spotted out in public together, the term “dating” is commonly used against them. It’s unclear if they’re just pals, testing the waters of a deeper relationship, or actively dating each other.

Agent 00 Net Worth

Agent 00 net worth was projected to be $1.5 million in 2022. The success of his YouTube channel has allowed him to earn this respectable sum.

In addition to his regular salary, he has the potential to earn additional income from advertising, sponsorships, and endorsements. On YouTube, a creator may expect to earn around $18 per 1,000 ad impressions. It’s possible that he is still being paid the same amount.

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