Aaron Paul Changes Both His And His Son’s Last Names Legally

It’s official, according to Aaron Paul! The 43-year-old former cast member of Breaking Bad has submitted a petition to change his family’s last name and the name of his seven-month-old son.

The actor has chosen to go by Paul instead of his actual last name, Sturtevant, according to court records acquired by TMZ. According to reports, his wife Lauren is also changing the last name so that everyone in the family uses the same one.

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In addition, Ryden Caspian Paul will now be their son’s legal name. Aaron and Lauren had given their child the legal name Casper Emerson Paul on his birth certificate. However, the celebrity chose a different name to introduce the child on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, in April.

Since becoming a father to daughter Story Annabelle in 2018, the Westworld actor has embraced fatherhood and made emotional connections with Ryden as soon as he was born. Paul introduced Ryden to Jimmy Fallon and said, “His name is Ryden, and I love him,” before stating that he was “exhausted” from being a new parent.


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Paul then raved over his son and added, “He’s the best,” as Fallon displayed the first images of the gorgeous infant to the crowd. The actor revealed that his daughter was “madly in love” with her young sibling. “She keeps trying to squeeze him more. Like laying on top of him and suffocating him, “He continued, laughing. It’s her doll, I say.

Paul continued by asking Bryan Cranston, a co-star on Breaking Bad, to serve as the child’s godfather. Paul said, “I asked Bryan on his birthday if he would be our baby’s godfather,” before joking that Cranston first declined the invitation. No, Paul added, “He’s incredibly flattered and excited. “I have a deep love for the man. He is one of my closest friends, so choosing him was easy.”

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