Before His Death, Aaron Carter’s Health Had Continued To Decline: Manager

Before His Death, Aaron Carter’s Health Had Continued To Decline: Manager: Just two days before he was accidentally discovered, Aaron Carter’s management was shocked by the troubled performer’s weak appearance. He appeared frail. He was exhausted, Taylor Helgeson exclusively reveals.

“He simply seemed to need to be doing something other than working. He appeared to require care, so take care of him. Helgeson, who had been Carter’s manager for eight months, claims that he met with the “I Want Candy” singer the week before he died in a recording studio because they were going to collaborate on a new album.

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However, the Big Umbrella Management executive was disturbed and perplexed when he observed his client’s appearance because it did not seem to match his optimistic manner. Helgeson remarks, “He didn’t appear okay. Now, when I say that, I think it’s extremely essential to kind of contextualize that.

“Physically, he didn’t seem to be in any trouble, but psychologically, he was the most animated I had seen him in weeks. He was quite intelligent and aware of what other people expected from him.

Helgeson claims that Carter’s enthusiasm for his future plans eliminates any remaining doubt about the singer of “Aaron’s Party” having ever considered suicide. The manager explains, “He was a guy with a lot of plans.” 

We had a lot going on, and Aaron was a fairly arrogant individual in his own right. That’s not how he rolls. However, it is obvious that Carter was having some difficulties before to his passing because, according to a recent story, he was discovered dead surrounded by prescription bottles and compressed air cans.

An official cause of death cannot be confirmed until toxicology findings are in because the “House of Carter” alum had been outspoken about his drug struggles, notably with huffing. According to Helgeson, one of the biggest issues between him and Carter was the musician’s reluctance to enroll in an inpatient rehab facility.

According to the manager, “We were offering [what] would have been… three months in Utah focusing on detoxing and kind of forming new physical habits within your body.”

The issue arose from [Carter] stating, “I’m going to get my kid back and then I’m going to do this,” and me responding, “If you do this, I’m absolutely going to get you your kid back.”

Carter revealed to the world in September that he had enrolled in an outpatient treatment in an effort to reclaim custody of Prince, the kid he shared with his on-again, off-again fiancée Melanie Martin. Even at his lowest periods, according to Helgeson, Carter never lost sight of his son. 

The music executive recalls that the “That’s How I Beat Shaq” singer confided in him that he hadn’t “slept in a couple of days” and was “stressed out” at some point in mid-2022. But after a good night’s rest, Carter awakened with excellent intentions for his son, requesting Helgeson to assist him in drafting a will. 

The manager says, “I was like, “You need a will,” so I contacted my PR at that time and asked her to assist with obtaining the documents.  “So we began putting that together, and after getting the documentation ready, it was never signed. It was never completed. 

Helgeson claims that one of the reasons he and the rest of Carter’s staff have resisted initiatives that have been released in the wake of the “Fool’s Gold” singer’s passing, such as his now-delayed memoir, is that they want to ensure that Prince will be cared for.

Aaron has a Sony contract. Since Aaron is not an independent artist, the label must always authorize all of his releases, the manager explains. What important is that when it travels through the proper channels, we are then able to play a part in ensuring that what results from that music reaches to the right areas, i.e., his son.

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