A Woman Testifies That Harvey Weinstein S*xually Assaulted Her

The woman claimed she felt “embarrassed and humiliated” and waited to report or discuss the repeated assaults. On Wednesday, a woman identified as “Jane Doe” testified in a courtroom in Los Angeles that she initially told Mel Gibson that Harvey Weinstein had sexually abused her.

After giving Weinstein a massage at his Beverly Hills hotel in 2010, the lady, a massage therapist with celebrity clientele, claimed on the witness stand that Weinstein followed her into the bathroom while she washed her hands and started masturbating in front of her.

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She claimed to have stopped what he was doing after asking him what he was doing. She claimed he pulled her up against a wall and grabbed her breasts. She stated, “I was afraid. I felt I was about to get raped.” She claimed that when she grudgingly agreed to massage him again, he subsequently exposed himself, and on their third visit, he masturbated in front of her.

That time, she said she was “disgusted” and declined any money from him because she didn’t want to embarrass herself further by bringing up the subject. She admitted that she hesitated to speak up because the situation was uncomfortable.

He allegedly resumed masturbating and attempting to grab her when she encountered him a fourth time socially. She claimed to have yelled and felt “humiliated” as a result. She said that she only notified Mel Gibson, one of her clients, about his plans to collaborate with Weinstein on a film after he revealed them to her during a massage.

She said, “I went into shock and started crying.” She said he was the first person with whom she finally opened up about what had happened. “He was the first person I finally spoke with about what happened. I told him he sexually assaulted me, but I didn’t want to get into all the details. I was embarrassed and humiliated,” she said. At the time, she claimed she was afraid of losing her “high-end clients” if she “went public that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted me,

She said that she only told police about the first event, later disclosing the additional incidents during conversations with authorities years after the attacks. Eight women are scheduled to testify in the trial, including her. In California, Weinstein, 70, is accused of 11 rape and sexual abuse counts. He has already completed serving a 23-year term in New York for rape.

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