A California Christmas 3 Release Date Updates, Cast, Synopsis, And More

Christmas Season is almost over, but we are still looking out for updates on A California Christmas 3. It seems like Netflix will take a bit longer to announce the fate of our favourite chick-flick. Nevertheless, just like always, there have been leaks, and a lot of insider reports are suggesting that we might get the good news regarding A California Christmas 3 soon!

The sequel in the series recently premiered on Netflix, and it is topping the charts! The fanbase of California Christmas is quite enthusiastic, and the movie is also doing very well, which is giving us hope for the bright future of the franchise. The films revolve around Joseph Van Aston, who lives a very carefree life until certain events change him. The movie’s first part came out in 2020, and it was an instant hit. Following the hype of the movie Netflix renewed it for a sequel but will the same happen with A California Christmas 3? Well, let’s find out!

A California Christmas: City Lights got a pretty impressive ending. Callie and Joseph finally revealed the good news about their child. But is this a happy ending? Or an introduction to their new chapter of life. Well, nothing can be said right now, but Netflix is famous for trilogies, so we are expecting the same fate as awaiting A California Christmas.

A California Christmas 3 ReleaseRelease Date

Unfortunately, there are no leads on the renewal status of A California Christmas 3. Neither the creators nor Netflix has greenlit the movie for a threequel. But we have high hopes because the film is doing quite well. Considering that everything goes smoothly and it gets renewed for a third party, you can expect it to premiere around next year in December. Because these movies only release around Christmas time! 

Lauren always speaks about these movies in an enthusiastic way. In press tours of the sequel, she said a lot about how unexpected the sequel was, which is giving us hope for the threequel! In her words:

“It was so unexpected. With the first film, we were one of the first productions to film during the pandemic. When we wrapped the movie, we were just excited that we could make a movie. When Netflix bought it, it was such a blessing and such a gift to us. A few weeks later, to see it go to #1 was out-of-this-world unexpected.”

A California Christmas 3 Release Cast

As there is no official confirmation for A California Christmas 3, we don’t know for sure who’ll be returning in it. But most likely, the primary actors will return. As far as the new cast members are concerned, we will only know about them once Netflix decides to release the cast of the 3rd instalment. 

For now, we are assuming that the following actors will return for the third part:

  • Lauren Swickard as Callie
  • Josh Swickard as Joseph
  • Amanda Detmer as Wendy
  • Ali Afshar as Leo
  • David Del Rio as Manny
  • Katelyn Epperly as Liz
  • Natalia Mann as Hannah
  • Gunnar Anderson as Connor
  • Noah James as Owen
  • Derrica Barbee as Derrica

A California Christmas 3 Release Plot

There is no official synopsis for A California Christmas 3, so nothing can be said about the storyline of a potential threequel. But as always below, we have mentioned our assumed plot of the third instalment. 

In the second part, we see Callie contemplating her decision to marry Joseph. But after some time, she gains confidence. Joseph finally realizes that Victoria was manipulating the entire situation. And in the end, everything works out for them. They even get to announce the news about their baby. So, they got their happy ending! But if the third part is to come, we’ll get to know more about their married life. Who knows, maybe this was not a happy ending after all! There might be more complications to their life which will get explored in the third part. 

A California Christmas 3 Release Trailer 

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for A California Christmas. And we’ll have to wait for it for 6 to 7 months because trailers for the previous two movies came out in the second half of 2020 and 2021. You can also lookout for the BTS content on Instagram accounts of actors.

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