Unveiling Disturbing Details: Unsealed Records Shed Light on 6-Year-Old’s School Sh00ting Incident

Startling revelations have emerged from recently unsealed, redacted search warrants in the case of a 6-year-old boy accused of sh00ting his first-grade teacher last winter. According to the disclosed documents, after the incident, the young child allegedly declared, “I shot that b**** ded,” casting a somber light on the tragic event that transpired at Richneck Elementary School on January 6.

Upon the officers’ arrival at the scene, they encountered a scene of turmoil, with a reading specialist bravely restraining the young boy who was later identified as the suspected shooter. The specialist had acted swiftly to apprehend the child after the shocking classroom sh00ting, effectively holding him in place until law enforcement could intervene.

In the moments following the incident, the boy reportedly admitted his involvement, uttering the chilling words, “I did it,” while being restrained. His disturbing revelation took a darker turn as he disclosed the source of the firearm, confessing to having obtained his mother’s legally purchased gun the previous night.

The police later confirmed that the weapon used in the sh00ting was indeed the mother’s legally acquired firearm. While the young boy has yet to face formal charges, his mother, Deja Taylor, found herself indicted in April on charges of felony child neglect, alongside a misdemeanor charge of recklessly leaving a loaded firearm accessible to a child. Taylor’s legal woes deepened in June when she faced additional charges related to her possession of a controlled substance while armed and her alleged false statements during the firearm’s purchase process.

Chilling Details of 6-Year-Old's School Shooting

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In a significant development, Taylor pleaded guilty on June 12 to illegally procuring and possessing a firearm, as well as making false statements during the ATF’s purchase documentation process. As the legal proceedings unfold, Taylor faces a potential maximum sentence of 25 years in prison when her sentencing takes place in October.

The sh00ting victim, Abigail Zwerner, a 25-year-old first-grade teacher, suffered grave injuries to her chest and hand. Enduring a harrowing journey to recovery, Zwerner underwent four surgeries to regain her health. In response to the traumatic incident, Zwerner has taken legal action, filing a $40 million lawsuit. Her suit alleges gross negligence on the part of school officials, claiming they overlooked multiple warnings regarding the boy’s possession of a firearm and his reportedly “violent mood” on the day of the sh00ting.

The search warrant also discloses a disturbing incident preceding the sh00ting. A retired Newport News elementary school teacher recounted an unsettling episode from September 27, 2021, where the same boy allegedly attempted to choke her, compelling a teacher’s assistant to intervene and remove the child from the classroom.

Efforts to retrieve the boy’s school records unveiled complexities, with Child Protective Services and Newport News Public Schools facing legal constraints imposed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The act mandates that educational institutions require written parental consent before disclosing information from a student’s education record. Newport News Public Schools, when questioned about the warrant, cited FERPA as the reason for their inability to divulge further information.

The unveiled records provide a sobering look into the incident that shook Richneck Elementary School and the Newport News community at large. As the legal proceedings continue, the story serves as a grim reminder of the importance of responsible firearm ownership and the critical role educational institutions play in ensuring the safety and well-being of their students and staff.

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