4 Celebrities Who Wear Colored Contacts

Many people buy glasses to correct their vision, but others prefer the appeal of contact lenses. Colored contacts have become a popular choice for aesthetic purposes, becoming a form of self-expression, much like makeup and clothes.

With this rising demand, it’s no wonder that the global colored contact lens market is expanding, with experts predicting a growth rate of 9.9% from 2022 to 2029. Given that they are close to matching their eyes, many celebrities have chosen to wear them to fit their clothes and mood better.

Aside from being a fashion statement, celebrities are making use of colored contact lenses in films and television shows to best fit their settings and characters, inspiring watchers to adopt similar looks. In this article, we’ll visit some well-known celebrities and some of the colored contact lenses they have used.

Jason Momoa


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Jason Momoa is one of the most notable male actors who has worn many contact lenses. Famous roles often required an eye color change, notably into blue and golden amber for “Aquaman” and black for “Game of Thrones.” Outside the set, he doesn’t usually wear contacts but many pair well with his long hair.

Angelina Jolie


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Humanitarian, actress, and mother Angelina Jolie has naturally blue eyes but has worn several colored contact lenses during her career. During red carpet events or special award ceremonies like the Oscars, Jolie has been seen swapping to soft blue colors. In her role in the movie “Maleficent,” she wore striking green contact lenses.

Lady Gaga


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Fashion icon Lady Gaga is no stranger to contact lenses. One of her more unusual selections involves using circle lenses in her music video for “Bad Romance,” which are only available outside the US. On other days, she tends to match her clothes with shades of green, going lighter for day outfits and deeper colors for red carpet looks.

Paris Hilton


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Affluent socialite-turned-DJ Paris Hilton is known for her sleek blonde hair and blue eyes, and she is rarely seen with her natural eye color. It was only when Hilton posted a throwback photo of herself on May 19, 2017, that she revealed her eyes as a dark green.

Orlando Bloom


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Another male actor known for wearing colored contacts on set is Orlando Bloom. His most famous role was as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and Hobbitseries, where he had to sport baby blue eyes, which turned dark when Legolas felt anger or fear.

At some point, Bloom had to take a break from wearing contacts in the final two Hobbit movies, so they had to rely on post-production to change his naturally brown eyes to blue.

Tips for getting your own colored contact lenses

Watching how celebrities pair their eyes with their hair and outfit can be a great way to get inspiration for your next look. If you want to imitate your favorite celebrities, you can purchase colored contact lenses online.

ContactsDirect and other major brands make shopping more convenient by allowing delivery or store pick-up. Furthermore, various payment methods are available such as bank cards, Afterpay, and Apple Pay, to name a few. You can also make use of your vision insurance, FSA (flexible spending account), or HSA (health savings account) cards for purchasing contacts.

Remember that you must have a prescription when purchasing colored contact lenses, as they’re considered medical devices. Unfortunately, you can’t use your eyeglass prescription for contacts as these are positioned directly on your eye.

If you’re just looking to update your eye contact prescription, consider taking an online eye exam. Online eyewear retailer Lens.com offers an online vision test that can test for visual acuity, allowing you to receive a prescription within 24 hours from the comfort of your home. For more insider information on celebrities, visit our celebrity category for more updates.

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